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LAS VEGAS | 26 & 27 FEB 2020 LVCC USA
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Heal Earth Make Peace: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo London

Heal Earth Make Peace

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HealEarthMakePeace is a hemp product line manufactured by select organizations in Nepal which seek to empower individuals and communities. Designed by visionary, Prabhuraj Bhandekar or Maafaadesigns, Heal Earth Make Peace is a team of creative individuals who are passionate about sustainability. It is our collective philosophy that each product is smart, simple, stylish and made from natural and sustainable materials. We harness the natural beauty and strength of hemp fibre to create products that enhance the experience of life for everyone in the process. From its source in the Himalayan foothills, we work directly with our suppliers to ensure that our products are always fairly traded, natural and environmentally friendly.

Story behind Heal Earth Make Peace and working with community

In Nepal, hemp fabric & fiber is available in abundance. Hemp is a resilient, fast-growing crop that requires little space and tending which allows farmers to grow crops at a low cost with quick financial returns. Following the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal, we began working with hemp fibre to support the community. We have designed a sustainable bio-degradable product line using locally sourced hemp fibre that will bring strength and resilience to our communities.

HealEarthMakePeace is a woven, organic & vegetable dyed textile product line from Hempshoe to HatHemp. From the bottom to the top, we continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our ability to enhance the lives of all those connected to our products. Humble in our beings, we believe HEMP can Heal Earth Make Peace.

With sustainably resourced raw materials refined and manufactured by humanitarian programs in Nepal such as the Women Empowerment Program, our in-house designer has helped to create a stylish hemp wardrobe with a positive impact.
Because we believe in supporting one another, in addition to a living wage salary, 10% of our total profits are shared among the individual craftsmen who produce our line.

Why are we so passionate about Hemp fibre?

Hemp is quite possibly the oldest cultivated plant in history. Since the Neolithic, it has been used to make a wealth of products from textiles to fuel. As a crop, hemp costs farmers little to produce, which provides economic and environmental stability that can last for generations.

The deep roots of the hemp plant are good for the soil and ensure a stable crop. Produced on the same land for many many years hemp crops produce no noticeable mineral depletion. This herb requires very little water or fertilizer making it possible to grow almost anywhere. As a crop it is highly resilient and does not require the use of agricultural chemicals that are dangerous and contaminate the environment. Also there are no environmentally damaging bleaching processes in the hemp fabric production.

Because hemp fibres are porous, they allow your skin to breathe making it a perfect material for smart living. It is softer, stronger and more durable than cotton and can be recycled many more times than wood pulp. Completely of the earth, our hemp products are 100% biodegradable.