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JOECOOL Brand CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee - Investor Prospectus


JOECOOL™ Brand CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee

Joe Haber, CEO

joeh@joecool.com , 305-978-9513


JOECOOL Brands is the #1 trusted brand of CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee and is offered in several types of packing: Kcups, 2oz Double Espresso w CBD Shots, Bagged Whole Bean and Ground, and Canned Nitro Cold Brew.

Their mission is to blend their culture with Gourmet Coffee, by exemplifying their love of great coffee and how it is a perfectly positive and enriching combination with CBD.

Despite the current global situation, the company management team formed by Joe Haber and Demetrius Storm, has developed a business strategy and an investor prospectus that will place them on top! As an investor this is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of to get involved in this booming sector.

In recent years has become more and more known the fact that CBD distillate is widely used and beloved by consumers for relaxation and pain relief. JOECOOL’s high-quality, CBD-infused coffee allow consumers to enjoy these benefits without having to sacrifice the gourmet flavor that you can drink every morning like a regular cup of coffee.

According to an 8/6/19 Forbes article, the CBD market is gaining momentum with mainstream retailers who are already offering or are looking to offer CBD products to their customers. At least a $350 million dollar industry in 2018, some estimates project annual sales of CBD products to top $1 billion by 2020 and $22 billion by 2024. Being coffee the second most consumed beverage in the world, the consumer potential is astronomical. JOECOOL is offering a new coffee product, the first new development in Coffee in decades. 

But, creating a CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee is not just about adding a few drops of CBD oils into your coffee, as the overall coffee taste becomes severely compromised. To keep the coffee taste and take advantage of the CBD positive effects, the natural oils of the coffee beans released during grinding and roasting, “need to be used as the actual CBD ‘carrier.’

JOECOOL is combining the strength of their CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee to a specific business strategy, divided in:

- Marketing Strategy: their marketing strategy that will create brand identification with their prospective customers and differentiate the company's products from those of its

competitors based on its brand name and gourmet quality.

- Markets: they will begin selling to coffee shops and restaurants before expanding to convenience

stores and supermarkets, hotel chains, airlines, and then larger retailers like Costco,

Target, Walgreens, and CVS. But will also direct efforts at large distributors of food and

consumer-packaged-goods and government agencies that purchase coffee in large


- 50 – 500 - 5000 Goals: their initial goal is to enroll 50 retail stores and/or distributors and grow to 500 and then 5,000. To achieve these three goals, they will be hiring a national sales manager and several regional sales managers whose focus will be selling an average of 40 accounts per month for the first year.

- Trade Shows and Conferences: the sales team will attend trade shows in Las Vegas, and they will attend conferences for CBD products, grocery stores, the coffee industry, convenience stores, and others. This strategy will push JOECOOL to the forefront of the CBD coffee niche as an established,

memorable, and desired brand.

- Social Media Ambassador Program: JOECOOL has a clearly defined marketing plan for its “Brand Ambassadors”, creating brand recognition across social media platforms and loyal Generation Z customers for life.


Money In - Money Out

Investor capital will be used to increase production, for packaging and to aide in our

marketing strategy — to leverage our trade conferences and vendor/distributor strategy.

With sales throughout the United States and considering their projection, they expect that the first

distribution event will occur at around the nine-month mark.  

The Investor Opportunity windows is closing soon! To receive more information or for any inquiries contact Joe Haber CEO at joeh@joecool.com.