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Exhibitor Spotlight: AG Branding Solutions

Exhibiting at the White Label World Expo in London on the 27th and 28th November are AG Branding Solutions, a professional and reliable team of aerosol manufacturers specialising in the formulation of custom aerosol products.

You will be able to see AG Branding Solutions at the White Label World Expo at their stand 360, where they will showcase the way they manufacture and formulate their custom aerosol products.

The aerosol has always been a mainstay of every home, if you stop for a moment and consider how many aerosols you have in your home, the answer may surprise you. From foam shaving cream and hair mousse to mist air freshener and furniture polish, they provide an ideal delivery system for all manner of active ingredients.

So, why are so many products sold in these handy cans?

Compared to the basic liquid mechanics of a spray bottle, the aerosol uses compressed air as a propellant, allowing for longer output from an individual spray. Removing the need for multiple triggers to release the contents is handy for detailed jobs like painting, of course, but so too for evenly polishing shoes, or applying hair product.

Also, when it comes to tight spots, the aerosol reigns supreme. Gas accelerates the active particles at such force and in such finer a mist than other systems, that you can be sure of an incredibly thorough and even application.

The flexibility of an aerosol is what makes it such a versatile system for everything from external painting to liquid bandages. A standard aerosol nozzle allows for a direct shot, yet the same nozzle, when used at further range, sends airborne particles to cover a wider area.

As the mist from an aerosol is so fine, the product is less likely to form into larger droplets, so is as ideal for covering larger spaces as it is for working in close quarters.

Thanks to a process of hermetical sealing, the contents of an aerosol can can’t spill or leak out, making them incredibly efficient when on the move. Whether thrown in a gym bag or as a tradesperson on the road, aerosol cans provide the ultimate in assurance.

What’s more, with the packaging offering additional protection from light, the contents retain their quality for longer, making them highly practical for storage too.

Another positive aspect, pleasingly for customers, is that aerosol also save you money as there’s no wasted product. And speaking of waste, there’s none of that when it comes to packaging either, the cans are also recyclable! It’s so surprise sales of aerosol products have increased over the past years.

The good news for consumers? The range of aerosol products is growing, with even the smallest of independent businesses getting on board. From branded waterproofing spray alongside boutique coats, to cleaning foam sold with the latest televisions, aerosols are quickly becoming the innovative future of packaging.

If you’d like to find out more about aerosols and how they can work with your business, make sure you visit the AG Branding Solutions team at their stand 360 at the White Label World Expo on the 27th and 28th of November at the ExCeL Centre London. You can register for your free tickets to the event by following this link.