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Popular products of the white label world

There’s no doubt that the private/white label industry is growing. On top of that, there is no sign of it slowing down either, with demand for these products steadily increasing. We’ve compiled a small list of some of the most popular categories in this field. All of them are in high demand on platforms like Amazon and, for anyone looking for a way in, they are a great way to start up in the private and white label world.

Before we get started, however, it’s important that everyone knows the difference between the two. Private label products are manufactured by one company specifically to be sold under another’s brand; virtually anything is being private labelled nowadays. White label, on the other hand, is manufactured by a company to then be purchased by various others in bulk, and then sold under their individual brand.

One of the most popular private label product categories is pets. Recently, this sector has seen tremendous growth, which, at first, may seem random considering people have been keeping pets for decades. However, it’s all due to younger generations gaining more and more buying power. With millenials and Gen Z both embracing the pet-owning lifestyle a great deal more than previous generations, this has opened the market up for change and innovation. Also, it’s not news to anyone that particularly millenials are primarily looking for cost effective private/white label alternatives without compromising on quality.

These factors combined have led to extensive advancements within the industry. Millenials are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional pet food, often leading them to reach for private label items. These are mostly providing more natural high quality pet food and treat alternatives at lower prices. White label products are rarely found in the pet food sector but they have a high presence within the toy and grooming products. Being a highly saturated product category, it is vital that anyone looking to start selling within any of the pet sectors provides innovative products/services.

The hunt for healthier but affordable alternatives has also sparked growth in the health supplement market. With more and more consumers leading a cleaner and wellness oriented lifestyle, the demand for supplements has grown. The industry expansion started in the early 2000s when consumers were looking for cheaper alternatives to branded products.

Many found that the private and white label products were just as good as the branded ones, if not better. This trend has since only sped up, with the majority of consumers now looking for private/white label health supplements as they tend to offer a cheaper product than brands while still providing the same level of quality.

As consumers are becoming more and more aware of the products they’re putting in and on their body, including their skin, the push for healthier alternatives means that the skin care industry has encountered some pretty extensive changes. This presents the perfect opportunity for other companies, especially new brands, to establish themselves as the next step for shoppers. Even at highly competitive selling prices sellers find these products especially attractive due to their huge profit margins.

While skin care products are widely white labelled, they can also benefit from being private labelled for easier distinction from the abundance of existing brands. Private labelling skin care is a brilliant way to make products more natural by requesting manufacturers replace certain chemicals with more natural ingredients. Doing this will ensure your product appeals to many consumers looking for a new and natural alternative at a reasonable price.

E-Cigarettes/Vapes account for a relatively new industry, but the wide social acceptance of vaping has lead to a high demand for reliable, good quality products. Therefore, the e-cigarette market is steadily growing across the whole EU with no sign of slowing down, already accounting for approximately 7.5 million active users, most of them being smokers or ex smokers. Most of the liquids used in e-cigarettes are manufactured by white label companies, meaning there is a great variety of suppliers to choose from. And there’s more good news for anyone looking to start selling private/white label vape liquid, the industry is predicted to expand over the next few years, leaving plenty of room for the development of more start-ups.

As well as e-cigarettes, the CBD sector has been rapidly growing. It is estimated that around 4-6 million people have tried CDB in the UK alone, with over 90% of CBD products on the market today coming from white label suppliers. This is one of the fastest growing industries today and is predicted to be worth over £2 billion by 2025. Having developed from a niche to a mainstream product category, it has led many entrepreneurs to huge success already. This is a great sector for anyone looking to get started, but there are many rules and regulations sellers need to be aware of before diving into the exciting world of CBD.

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