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Step into a successful product launch

Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, successfully launching a new product will take some preparation either way. The UK edition of the White Label World Expo will arrive in London on the 27th & 28th November and will help established businesses as well as start-ups with everything they need for a successful launch. From finding a new product to fulfillment services and everything in between, you’ll find it all here. But, before you dive in, there are a few steps you need to consider to ensure the success of your launch: 

1. Sourcing

Before you decide on a product to sell, it’s important that you do your research. Find gaps in the market and niches that call for more innovative products. Stay away from any over saturated product categories. The only way you will be able to make sales in these is by undercutting other seller’s prices and therefore compromising on your own profits.

Once you’ve figured out the kind of product you want to sell, the next step is finding a manufacturer. While this can often seem like a daunting process, after some research you should be able to find a private/white label supplier that you feel is trustworthy and offers what you need.

There will be over 300 exhibitors at the show, a lot of whom are manufacturers of private/white label goods from most of the trending product categories. Try, test and touch their products and compare them before deciding which one suits your business strategy the best. Whatever you’re looking for, be it skin care, CBD, or drinks, with exhibitors like Cana Gold, Cibdol AG, Next Century Spirits and many more, you can be sure to find it all here.

2. Branding

Branding your product is important, even when you are selling private/white label products. There will be others selling the same product, especially if yours is white label. Your brand is what convinces consumers to buy whatever you are selling. You will need an effective strategy in order to attract customers and make them buy into your brand.

There will be a number of branding experts at the show, sharing their wisdom with anyone looking for advice. The likes of Alan Barratt, co-founder of Grenade, will explore the importance of establishing a strong brand image, the key ingredient for business growth. You’ll be able to gain an unparalleled insight into the world of brand building in the private/white label industry.

3. Listing

Create a good product listing. Otherwise your item won’t sell. As this page is what convinces consumers to buy your product, or at least add it to their basket, this is one of the most important components of a website. This is the case whether you’re selling on your own website or third-party platforms like Amazon.

This page has the power to make or break your store, so here are the elements you should pay extra attention to. You’ll need a feature image and product images, none of which should be too large so they don’t impact the loading time. Obviously you’ll also need a product description, keep this sweet and short while still including all the important information. Bear in mind, pictures speak louder than words. Include images of all the important features of your product. When selling various products on your own website, remember to include suggestions for other similar products, the option for customers to leave reviews, and a help section.

This is also where SEO comes into the equation. Whether your product listing is on your own website or on Amazon, people have to be able to find it. The better the SEO, the more people will be able to find and buy your product. Our experts at the show will be able to teach you a thing or two about product listings, SEO and anything to do with optimization.

4. Launch

Once you’ve got a product, brand, and web listing sorted, it’s time to think about the launch. Which platforms will you use to market and advertise your product. What will you do to ensure you get the best results you can and make sales quickly and successfully.

With hundreds of entrepreneurs set to attend the event, most of whom started their business from nothing, you will be able to get all of the do’s and don’ts for product launches and all the best advice on advertising/marketing strategies. In his talk Robert Prime will address what it takes to successfully launch a product on Amazon while Dee Blick will speak about the importance of marketing, teaching the audience all they need to know to take their business to the next level.

5. Sending

You should never underestimate the importance of a good shipping strategy and an attractive variety of options for your customers. If a consumer is not happy with the delivery or returns options they become very unlikely to complete the purchase.

With numerous fulfillment and packaging providers exhibiting at the event, you will be able to find one that provides the service your business needs. You’ll also be able to get some insights from expert speakers like Martin Bysh on how to get fulfillment right and increase your bottom line, amongst many others that will share their learnings from years of experience in e-commerce fulfillment.

If you are you looking for a new product or products to take your business to the next level or need advice on any of the topics mentioned above you’ll find everything you need at this years White Label World Expo in London. To learn everything there is to know about selling white/private label products and come face-to-face with like-minded professionals, secure your free ticket here.

For exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities please contact Nick Woore on 0117 929 6099 or email nick.woore@prysmgroup.co.uk