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White Label Lowdown

The White Label Lowdown is where you will find the latest and most relevant information in the white label industry. Containing product launches and press releases, the White Label Lowdown truly locates the White Label World Expo at the centre of the constantly evolving sector, becoming a hub for all the news you and your business needs.

Essencia Oils Reveal One Capsule Technology

Essencia Oils has taken supplement delivery to a new cutting edge, by its innovative 'One Capsule Technology' called Natural Nutrient Combination Therapy-NNCT.

The business’ research and development team, through their technique of NNCT, have created in ONE capsule, all the required ingredients in carefully weighted proportions, giving maximum synergy for a SPECIFIC health benefit.

Using its innovative NNCT, Trio Sana have chosen 6 of the  most important health benefits of Boswellic Acid, adding to it, specific enhancing vitamins and minerals, which lead to a sharpening of the specific health benefit required- calling it the 'Boswellix Range’.

Management at Essencia Oils commented: 

“We at Essencia Oils are proud that the inception of NNCT has realised production of supplements, which will benefit and reach a great number of people of ALL ages. It's uniqueness of the “One Capsule”   all ingredient concept' lends itself to  21st concepts of a 'high tech product' that is target specific, cost effective, and simple to use. The first opportunity in the UK and Europe to purchase Essencia Oil’s unique supplements will be at the white label expo in November.”

The first COSMOS organic certified CBD-skincare producer Pura Vida Organic 

Pura Vida Organic (PVO) is a premium skincare producer specializing in handmade certified organic skincare, who often source raw materials directly from local farmers. They focus on producing innovative skincare targeting the organic and health-related sectors in the industry such as CBD skincare & vegan skincare. 

When it comes to white-labelling their goal is to make the process as easy as possible by providing a complete white label service - from unique product formulation and product registration to offering a wide array of packaging options and labelling. PVO also offer over 50 formulas for existing CBD and organic products that are ready to go. Their high certifications ensure your white labelled products can target any industry and retail or pharmacy outlet no matter how strict their standards - with some clients even selling in major pharmacy chains.

Years of experience and partnerships in the industry have allowed them to source and learn to work with an impressive amount of rare ingredients and packaging options – formulate them into incredible products - and bring your skincare dreams to life.

Jennifer Deegan, CEO of Pura Vida Organic commented: “Pura Vida started as a personal journey in creating skincare products that could be used on my sensitive skin. I couldn’t find 100% natural and organic products that met my standards – so I decided to create them myself. Once I discovered what really worked for my skin I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone else.”

If you’d like to enquire about exhibiting, or even just receive a copy of the latest floor plan then please get in touch with Nick Woore at 0117 929 6083 or at nick.woore@prysmgroup.co.uk.