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How to get the most out of live events

by Orange Klik.

Attending live events can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, considering presentations happening all around, a bunch of new people and potential contacts right on the corner. What should you do first? Which sessions to attend? How to start a conversation? Is it proper to pitch your business during a conversation? Obviously, you need to be well-prepared beforehand and we have some tips on how to make it easier.  

Networking is the key

Attending the event is not only buying a ticket and going to the venue. If you want to take as much as possible, you need to be proactive and approach people first. If you are a more introvert person, bring together a friend who is also interested in the topic. If you don’t have such a person, find another person in the event and team up so you can feel more comfortable! If you are hesitating to do so, remember - live events are much more powerful in energy, people are more excited when they can connect with others in person. The chance to personally network with people can benefit you more than joining online events, where you just receive information without feeling a part of a community. So, it’s worth investing your effort, isn’t it?

Also, meeting people in different events can not only solve a problem that you are dealing with at the moment but benefit you financially as well. You can ask for personal advice, have a short 10-minutes mastermind on how to solve your business issues and get tips from the presentations on which strategies work the best. You can never know how much value it can bring to your business! The only important thing you need to remember while having a conversation - do not start pitching your business at the very second you approach someone. Instead, try to find something in common and don’t be afraid to share your own story with others. Honest conversations are the ones that keep you connected with people.

Be ready to take a lot of notes

Being surrounded by people who are willing to learn naturally makes you try harder and focus more. It’s especially valuable when you attend presentations. Choose wisely, which presentations can bring the most value to you - choose those with actionable steps that can be implemented right away. Also, when listening to a presentation, keep your focus on the content and take as many notes as possible, instead of trying to capture every slide with your phone. Also, it’s important to ask questions after the presentation, during a Q&A session. Put yourself in front of other people, ask questions and you’ll be surprised, how many discussions it can create afterward. And talking about discussions - don’t miss a chance to share your thoughts with other people after the presentation - it’s like a mini brainstorming session where most of the time you can pick up some golden tips or dive deeper into the topic.

To sum it up, here are some tips to take away:

  • To make yourself more comfortable, find a person to whom you can relate and bring him/her together with you.
  • Pick one person and connect with him/her. When this person starts talking with another one, go and reintroduce yourself since you already know one of them. Broaden your network by doing so.
  • Always take notes. It helps you to memorize new information better.
  • Be proactive and initiate conversations. Don't be afraid to share your story with others since honest conversations are the ones that keep you connected with people.
  • Choose wisely which presentations to attend. Choose ones with clear actionable steps instead of more general topics.
  • Always ask questions, create discussions and be sure you are seen among other people. 

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