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eEnforce Utilizes Proprietary Software for eCommerce Brand Protection

When selling via e-commerce platforms, brands run the risk of being targeted by unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters, which can damage your brand’s reputation and harm profits. The White Label World Expo is proud to have partnered with eEnforce, a company dedicated solely to e-commerce brand protection and enforcement. 

eEnforce utilizes their own proprietary software to help sellers regain control over the marketplaces, and have successfully enforced on over 1.3 million unauthorized products. They offer brand protection services for the world’s largest e-commerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Their team of professionals specializes in areas ranging from e-commerce enforcement and distribution to investigations and software development, and their diverse expertise contributes to their 95% identification success rate. 

The company offers a range of services to protect e-commerce sellers, including Parallel & Grey Market Enforcement, and MAP Enforcement, and Traffic Diversion Enforcement. Their team has successfully developed sophisticated technology that monitors the major marketplaces looking for indicators of potential counterfeiting activity. Their proven team of analysts can quickly identify any signs of infringement or illicit activities to protect your brand and save your profits. 

Learn more about what eEnforce can do for you and your business at the White Label World Expo on September 1st & 2nd, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Register for Free Tickets today!