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Sponsor Highlight: Thrasio

We at The White Label World Expo are proud to announce Thrasio as event sponsors!

Established in 2018, Thrasio has proven to be the largest acquirer of third party businesses for Amazon. Currently, the company represents over 60 active brands and is only growing as the demand for eCommerce continues to rise.

The Amazon FBA model, also known as ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’, acts as the foundation for business success while the retailer’s niches evolve into million dollar businesses on a daily basis. CEO’s Carlos Cashman and Joshua Silberstein are inventive leaders and analytical visionaries that clearly lead with passion and embrace the innovative nature of the Amazon online market. After acquiring the third party business from clients, it undergoes “a 503-point migration process—ushering it through diligence, creative, brand management and marketing”.

The team behind Thrasio consists of talented brand managers, supply chain experts, business strategists, photo/video team and growth marketers. Thrasio doesn’t aim to optimize but to maximize the sales of every product through data and hundreds of API’s every day.

Learn more about Thrasio and what they could do for your business at the White Label Expo USA at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 1st & 2nd. Register for free tickets today!