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Dioz Group is a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of apparel and accessories offering fully customizable programs for a broad range of clientele. The company’s extensive network of over 50 top-tier factories offer the most professional and reliable services industry-wide.
Since 2006, Dioz Group’s production facilities have been located in China, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan produce for many Industry leaders In North America, Europe, and Australia.

With a reputation for being one of the largest and most innovative private label manufactures. Dioz Group is known for producing to the highest quality standards and offering a superior customer experience to ensure that all client needs are met at premium levels. With many Fortune 500 companies on the client list. Dioz Group is proud to say they stand behind their products and service.

Dioz Group has offices at four continents and with vast resources at their disposal and is in a position to offer many cost saving solutions to clients while maximizing the impact of existing or new merchandise strategies. Should you be looking to start sourcing or one-tune existing private label programs and strategies, please contact a Dioz representative to ensure you are in the best hands to allow you to remain focused on growing your business.