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Dunrich LTD established in 2000 as a soft furniture business, which is co owned by Helen and Joanne. We strive in listening to our customers to give great personal service. Speaking with Helen or Louise in the office to gather information then onto Joanne and the rest of the team to create the products.

We enjoy the diversity of our work and don't have a MOQ. Giving all business a helping hand. We can work with customers materials or use in house fabrics. We can be that 1 business invoice if required.

We take pride in all our work whether we are hand cutting bespoke individual projects or making thousands of the same item.

Our product range is diverse. Some of our projects so far have been, bedspreads, motorhomes and caravan interiors and garden furniture. Dog products ranging from the small to the very large in different designs and materials and of course cushion inners and covers in different sizes, shapes and designs. We work with individuals, retailers, car/train industry which many are white labelled customers.

We can offer storage and drop shipping within our premises and always be assured that we make everything in house in the UK so that quality is always the same from start to finish.

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