Fortune369 Limited

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We are a family run business that offers a selection of sustainable and luxurious home goods that we design in Dartford, UK. Our Name: We developed the name, Fortune 369, to bring you luck and prosperity. Our products are made from soft and sustainable bamboo fabric. Considered lucky in many cultures, we chose to use the word “Fortune” as part of our company name. The famous scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla theorized that three numbers hold the key to the universe. The powerful numbers in his theory are 3, 6, and 9. We believe that the combination of science and fortune illustrates exactly how we build our products, through creativity based in science. May our luxury products bring you a comfortable future and manifest all your desires. Our Goals: At Fortune 369, we started this company due to the natural hypoallergenic properties of bamboo fabric. As a founder, my son is asthmatic, and we wanted to find a way to alleviate his symptoms. Viscose bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic which helps with asthma and other allergies. It also feels like silk on skin. One day, we would love to find a cure for asthma. Our secondary goal is to combine luxurious comfort with our love for the planet. Our hope is that our elegantly designed products make your life more comfortable. We deliver our items in high-end recyclable or reusable packaging to help encourage a clean environment and prevent harm to our planet. We want to encourage others to help the environment by using sustainable products without compromising on style and comfort. Enjoy luxury without the guilt.

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