Kaffe Bueno

Stand Number: WL1212

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Kaffe Bueno is a Danish bioscience company upcycling coffee by-products into bioactive ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals, and F&B.

In addition, we offer skincare and toiletries private label products, all of which contain our upcycled ingredients.

We offer:

  • Hand & Body Lotion to sooth and moisturise.

  • Hair & Body Wash to cleanse.

  • Liquid Hand Wash to cleanse.

  • Shampoo for cleansing hair from environmental pollutants.

  • Conditioner to enrich hair.

  • Scalp cream for strengthening hair cuticles.

  • Hair oil for hair repair and strengthening, prevention of breakage and split ends.

  • All products are clean label and up to 100% natural or naturally-derived.

    We offer the possibility of using our brand name, "renli", to make the branding from scratch, implement your brand, or co-branding collaborations.