Mindel-Food Lebensmittelproduktion

Stand Number: WL1232

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The company Mindel-Food Lebensmittelproduktion GmbH is a contract or toll manufacturer in the field of food production. 

We specialize in the development, production and packaging of food supplements and dietary foods in the form of powder, tablets and capsules. 

We procure raw materials, which we offer to interested customers. Our stock includes more than 350 different raw materials. 

We also fill native foodstuffs into the packaging requested by the customer, e.g. cardboard boxes, sachets, stand-up pouches, tubular bags, PET cans, etc.

The knowledge of how to combine the individual ingredients into a high-quality formulation that also produces the desired sensory properties of the mixture, combined with many years of experience in the technological process-ability of the formulations, is our most important core competence.