MTM Industries Sp z o.o.

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MTM Industries Ltd. is a Polish company that has been producing car and home air fresheners for over 15 years. The company has seven brands in their portfolio, each targeting a different group of consumers.

We only source the highest quality components for our products, such as exclusive fragrances from France or glass containers from Italy. The unique fragrances combined with innovative design provide an outstanding offer of high quality car and home fresheners available at competitive prices.

We are continuously testing and developing new products and shelf designs, in an effort to be 2 steps ahead of our competitors. We consider short term profit, using hard data to make planning decisions. We also think strategically, using neuroscience to predict future trends in our specific market. We are efficient today and equally effective tomorrow.

 We understand how to increase your total sales and profitability through:

Idle boast or salient fact? At MTM we believe that we are pro-active  market leaders, turning innovative new ideas into reality. From conception, through design, production and packaging, with typical Polish efficiency, without sacrificing the highest quality, outperforming our competitors at every turn. Maybe it’s time to move Forward to the Future with MTM Industries

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