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Biodegradability and non-toxicity are key issues in the fight to end plastic pollution that endangers marine environments. Plastic@Sea was created to propose long-term alternatives for the daily use of plastics – petrochemical or bio-sourced – which negatively impact our oceans today. Founded in August 2018 by a tandem of scientific experts, Plastic@Sea provides companies to evaluate the environmental impact of their plastic products and propose eco-friendly materials. Our expertise on the lifespan and effects of plastic in marine ecosystems is internationally recognized. Our mission includes: • Providing support to companies for their transition to environmentally-friendly solutions in the context of circular economy. • Testing the lifespan, biodegradability and toxicity of their plastic products – recycle or bio-sourced – in aquatic environments. Plastic@Sea has an exceptional setting at its disposal, enabling it to assess the biodegradability and toxicity of plastics using cutting edge equipment and tools in marine and terrestrial conditions in Banyuls-sur-mer (France). What are the solutions proposed by Plastic@Sea ? 1/ Identifying the process of the supply chain that prevent degradation of plastics used for recycling 2/ Identifying long-term alternatives that are biodegradable under aquatic conditions 2/ Replacing toxic additives or raw-materials by eco-friendly materials 3/ Evaluate the fate and lifespan of plastics in various aquatic conditions (marine and terrestrial) 4/ Test the toxicity of final products in various aquatic organisms.

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