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The Appeal Guru is a leading provider of Amazon suspension appeals. We help sellers reinstate their suspended accounts and we also support sellers with our experienced team of Ecommerce Virtual Assistants. Our VAs will help to free up business owner's time by taking care of overall account management, listings, customer communications and much more.

Amazon Suspension Appeal and Prevention

Our expert team of appeal specialists can help you with a range of Amazon account suspensions:

Trademark and Patent Violation
Intellectual property
Counterfeit item
Inauthentic item
Unsafe products
Expired products
Product safety complaints
Listing does not match the detail page
Used item sold as new
Vendor Seller Central suspension
Selling prohibited Items
ASIN variations misuse
Order defect rate >1%
Late shipment rate >4%
Pre-fulfilment cancel rate >2.5%
Confirm orders prior to actual shipment of the item
Review manipulation
Tax identity
Invoice manipulation
Related account suspension

All Our Appeal Services are Fully Guaranteed (Refund if not Reinstated)
Repeat Appeals for the Same Case is FREE
Best Reviewed Amazon Suspension Service Provider

Ecommerce Virtual Staff

Our services are ideal for busy professionals seeking to grow their business. We can focus on all the essential tasks that you don’t have time for. Our services allow you to focus on what matters most – the big picture.

Greater competitive advantage
Improved focus on core business activities
Increased efficiency, Get things done quicker!
Spend less, Save More
No downtime costs – you pay only for 100% productive time
No training Time
No contracts or long-term commitments

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