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Keeping Your Standards High and Lashes Long

SianHollyLashes is a Luxury, vegan friendly lash brand founded in 2020.

Offering high quality lashes at affordable prices, making everyone feel fabulash.

Keep your standards high and lashes long with our wide range of faux mink lash styles, from 15-25mm you will no doubt find your go to style.

Subtle or dramatic, we have you covered! Be ready for any occasion whether it be just day to day or even your own big day (wedding) when you’re wearing SianHollyLashes!

All lashes have a flexible band, allowing all styles to fit to all eye shapes, they are also durable and can be re-worn up to 20 times when maintained correctly.

Are you new to lashes? Check out our book ‘All about lashes – fun facts and activity book’, learn all about the history of lashes, fun facts you didn’t know before and also learn how to apply your falsies.  It also includes lash inspired activities and hidden discounts!


Lash tips and tricks;

- Always measure the lash against your natural lash line, before applying, and trim the excess band for a perfect fit!

- To remove your lashes, use warm water, makeup remover or oil on a cotton bud, use this to gently rub against the lash band, loosening the adhesive.

- Remove from the inner corner to the outer and use tweezers to remove any excess glue.

- Keep lashes maintained in their tray to be re-worn.


Lash do’s and don’ts

DO: - trim lashes to fit eye

        - curl natural lash before applying falsies

        - let glue turn tacky before applying

        - remember practice makes perfect

        - apply mascara to natural lashes

        - patch test your glue

DON’T: - don't apply far away from the lash line

              - don't apply mascara to strip lashes

              - don't put water/oil/creams on eye area unless you want to remove your lashes

              - don't sleep with strip lashes on

              - don't over use your lash glue

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