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How to become a top seller on Amazon in 2023

You need to discover what products are currently trending or in high demand, and from this research, launch your e-commerce showcase on Amazon platform that can effectively meet such a demand. Your sales strategy must focus on finding your point of difference and sparking interest to stand out among the array of competitors in the market, and, in turn, drive online sales.

So how do you go about achieving this?

Look at the Best-Seller Amazon rankings

If you have a product idea or are looking for one, the Amazon BestSeller list is the place to start. Featuring 100 of the most popular products on Amazon, based on sales, this list is a must to research what products are currently ranking highest in terms of demand – The Best Seller Rank (BSR) given to each product by Amazon, will provide you the information needed.

Narrow it down to niche

Categories narrow the search, enabling you to pinpoint hidden opportunities, analyse what is trending in a certain niche, and look out for what’s about to be launched.

Don’t underestimate the time needed to perform your research – a thorough analysis of top performers, sales rankings, reviews, and pricing is what is going to form a solid foundation on which to launch your product idea into the Amazon market and reach success.

How to do it better

As the saying goes: “don’t reinvent the wheel. The same applies to online sales. It is about looking at what is trending and how you can go about improving on that – taking a unique approach and doing it better.

What about existing Amazon sellers?

Never stop researching

Revisiting and adjusting how and what you are offering is what plays a pivotal role in ranking as one of the top sellers on Amazon.

Successful sales strategy stems from accurate data and market analysis. And this needs to remain constant: checking the Bestseller list often, analysing sales data, investigating what’s hot and happening in online sales, keeping abreast of latest marketing practices, and discovering new and more effective ways to procure, package and deliver products.

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