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OPLOG joining the White Label World Expo

The world is changing, and so too is fulfilment. Consumers' expectations have never been higher than they are today, they want their goods delivered faster and more efficiently. This means businesses need more intelligent and reliable ways to ensure they can meet these demands.


If you’re a business, then you likely know the challenge s associated with traditional fulfilment services, where processes are often slow and archaic. Therefore, to solve these challenges, it is worthwhile adopting an end - to - end fulfilment platform, through which you can outsource, oversee and manage your fulfi lment operations fully remotely. Upon selecting a platform, think carefully about if the solution i ntegrates seamlessly with the platforms that you use to sell your products. If it does, then not only will it improve the efficiency of your distribution, bu t it will automatically update other important criteria like stock levels and replace the need for manual data entry tasks.

Acknowledging the need for more advanced warehouse facilities, modern businesses also need access to a network of smart - warehouses. Built to unlock next - level fulfilment, smart - warehouses communicate with fulfilment software to optimise and automate the processes through which merchandise is replenished, picked, packaged and shipped.

One business that has reaped the benefits of usin g fulfilment technology, is furniture retailer Kelebek . With OPLOG , Kelebek saves time and resources by outsourcing the storage and distribution of their goods. Meanwhile, by acces sing their fulfilment processes through the cloud - based platform, Kelebek retains full control of its goods and has the flexibility to manage all their stock levels at the click of a button.

In 2023, OPLOG will continue to expand its operations across Tu rkey, UK and Europe, opening more smart - warehouse facilities and working with businesses across the region.

If you are interested in finding out more about e-commerce fulfilment and the benefits of outsourcing your supply chain operations, meet with OPLOG’s industry experts in WL1231.