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Success Factor No 1: Being Human in a Technological Age

Gary V, the world class marketer and entrepreneur roots for kindness, empathy and compassion in business. His businesses and ventures are flying, thriving and innovative.

While being surrounded by developing technology in communication, platforms, processes and creation through AI, blockchain based platforms, current messenger + video tools or social media.


Systems and technology can always only be as great as the human who “feeds” it.


If you are Leading Remotely, it requires a lot of trust, in yourself and your abilities to lead people and in your teams to deliver results


For Decision Making especially in Systemic Complexity it requires clarity and inner peace to find the most aligned and impactful way.


Social Media Marketing as part of your communication strategy requires authenticity and creativity for an audience to connect to your brand or your products and services.


So you may ask the question: what does it take to succeed and thrive in your industry?


I say: being a great human


What does that actually mean?

Being a great human and actually feeling great, fulfilled, at ease and happy is about mastering the dynamics of being YOU.


You wanna be responding to what is happening around you instead of reacting to it.Responding means choice and power.

Reacting means dependency.


Trust, clarity, inner peace, authenticity and creativity are inside of you from the second you are born. Just that once you have grown up, you pretty likely lost access to most or all of them because unconsciously our human dynamics worked on you in an unfavorable way.


The good news: nothing’s ever fixed and you have the power to change in any way you choose and desire.



These are the 3 dynamics of being human you need to master to become limitlessly successful and free in business and life:


1.Master your brain

Your brain always wants to avoid the unknown as its main job is to keep you safe. Its no 1 strategy to do that is to keep you away from change and new things. The tricky part is that it cannot capture the present moment. Everything it brings up when a new information gets to you is always only gonna be based on past experiences and memories and has nothing to do with the present moment. This impacts your decision making ability and your creativity.


2.Master your emotions

Your thoughts and emotions are always connected: You can’t have a thought without an emotion. Most of us have just un-learned to recognize the emotion or have created a strong unconscious habit to suppress that emotion.

Result: this costs a lot of energy and keeps your focus on your busy mind which means it’s hard to see people, their needs and lead in an empathic and trusting way.


3.Master your body

The cells in your body have their own memory of every experience in your life. And your nervous system is part of it. It triggers a certain reaction in case of a certain situation - these moments when you feel pressure and tension in your body when logically everything’s cool, yet still you cannot relax. You’re always “on fire” and as a result you feel unclear, foggy or overwhelmed.


Self-mastery at this level sets you apart sustainably from the majority of leaders that still think the right “mindset” will do the job.

It’s time to go deeper to stand out.


Join my keynote to learn more about how to thrive with more ease on March 1st 2:45pm, theater 4.

Judith Juhnke