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SUPA Products

SUPA produces the worlds first plastic free paper bottles for laundry and washing up liquids under the eco - mate brand.

The business makes both the paper bottles and the plant based, biodegradable contents in its Rutland facility near Stamford. The eco - mate range of sustainable cleaning products are designed to help reduce the everyday consumption of single use plastic.

Started in 2019 after the founders failed to find a manufacturer of paper bottles, “ we just couldn't believe that there wasn't a pa- per bottle on the market, everything was either an attempt at greenwashing by covering a plastic bottle with an outer paper o ne or they used plastic bags inside which is even worse for ocean eco systems. ” Said Co - founder Scott Nicholas “ even big companies like Coca Cola were touting paper bottle development but when we looked closer they still had plastic inside and used plastic ne ck and caps .... we couldn't believe it! So we made our own paper bottle without any plastic at all!"

The business launched with the eco - mate laundry and washing up liquids that are used daily in what they believe is the fastest way to make an impact on plastic used daily by every household in the UK. Starting off with laundry, fabric and washing up li qui ds, these are products that every home uses and they are mainly supplied in single use plastic bottles often with chemicals that are damaging to our eco - systems ” added Rachel Owen Co - founder. The business uses liquids that are 100% derived from plants, as well as the bottles themselves.

The eco - mate paper bottle design features an internal coating of seaweed and natural plant latex to hold liquids, this naturally biodegrades in the environment much like a waxy tree leaf. Biodegradable accelerators within the paper bottle construction sp eed up and ensure natural composting. The bottles can be cut up and composted at home or put in recycling or in the garden waste bin as everything is natural.

Designed to safely revert back to nature without leaving behind micro plastics or toxins the eco - mate range of products have bee n tested and certified 100% bio based material. SUPA Products is growing its range of liquids with pet shampoo ’ s, toilet cleaner, hand wash options and a multi surface cleaner in the pipeline. The business sells its products direct to consumers via its we bsi te and through its growing eco store distributor base, it has also recently launched on Amazon.

There are many existing brands that are plant based and available in recycled plastic bottles but eco - mate goes a stage further as it eliminates the plastic element altogether. “ the environment doesn't care if a product uses recycled plastic or not, it behaves exactly the same when it finds its way into our oceans and with 33% of all single use plastic waste finding it ’ s way into our eco systems every year, paper and bio materials that compost naturally are a no brainer choice. ” commented Scott.

SUPA has committed 20% of all profits to ocean and beach clean - up charities with every 500mL bottle being sold eliminating around 40grams of single use plastic from circulation. Available in 3, 6 and 9 bottle packs for next day delivery from the co mpa nies website: