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BIZTECH Technology Forum is a peer to peer group of ICT leaders and professionals from the worlds of business, education and public sectors in Milton Keynes and SEMLEP.

Biztech Vision:
Biztech’s vision is to provide a trusted source of information and practical advice on the application of technology for business within Milton Keynes and SEMLEP by facilitating shared experiences and expertise in information and communication technology (IT).

Biztech Mission:
Biztech’s mission is to provide a platform and voice for the promotion of technology provision within Milton Keynes and SEMLEP. Biztech organises meetings, lectures and events of interest to Biztech members and the wider community to foster greater engagement within the community and support the growth of service provision within North Buckinghamshire, recognising that the vast majority of services required by those having business and domestic requirements in the area are all capable of being supplied by Biztech members locally.

Biztech Values:
In seeking to be "The Voice of Technology in Milton Keynes and SEMLEP" Biztech will adhere to its core values:
Innovation, Openness, Organisation, Honesty, Quality, Trust , Integrity, Friendliness, Foresight, Focussed, Accountability and Clarity.