2x Ecommerce

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2X Media is a performance-oriented agency that impactful direct-to-consumer brands rely on for their owned and paid marketing campaigns.

Over here in 2X media, we think only in the realm of ‘funnels’ and take a funnel-based approach in both our media buying and client messaging campaigns to grow the retail brands we work with.

The two core services we render to help deliver growth for direct-to-consumer brands are:

Paid marketing:
We pride ourselves as expert Facebook, Google Shopping and YouTube advertising media ad buyers.
With close to 2.5 billion monthly active users (MAU), Facebook is the digital marketing channel of choice for most best-in-class direct-to-consumer brands.
If you are looking to engage and transact directly with customers, Facebook access to find and sell to your target audience.

We take a Funnel based approach to media buying, by interlaying additional channels such as YouTube and internet-wide retargeting.

Owned marketing:
Owned marketing can help you create connections with customers through online and offline experiences.
Email is the primary and most effective medium brands engage and communicate with their customer and audience base. By interlaying personalisation that enables the delivery of relevant messaging to unique segments of customers email will generate repeat business from existing customers at low or zero acquisition costs.

We work with platforms such as Klaviyo and Facebook messenger to help brands

- Re-engage abandoned cart sessions,
- Re-engage product page browse sessions,
- Re-engage lapsed customers through win-back campaigns,
- Post-purchase messaging sequences for up-sell and cross-selling
- Optimise their order and shipping confirmation messages
- And much more...