Orange Klik

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Orange Klik’s mission is to help Amazon sellers grow their businesses by learning from industry experts.

That's why company is focused on organizing virtual summits, and more recently, in-person conferences where Amazon private label sellers can keep up to date with the Amazon scene and collaborate with like-minded sellers and experts.

In 2019 Orange Klik organized 4 different international events.

The biggest was "European Seller Conference" – an annual event in Prague that attracted 170 Amazon sellers from over 40 nationalities.

In addition, Orange Klik hosts "PPC Congress", which is an event dedicated to Amazon PPC agencies, consultants and interested sellers, along with a series of Seller Fest events, which bring experts to communities in countries where Amazon's marketplace isn't natively available.

Augustas Kligys, the founder of Orange Klik runs a YouTube channel where he regularly interviews influencers, service providers and event organizers from the Amazon industry.