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ShelfTrend is an eBay competitive intelligence tool. We have more than 50,000 customers using ShelfTrend to answer questions such as:
• How am I performing against the market and my main competitors?
• What products are trending and where are the supply gaps?
• Which product should I sell, given their pricing, recent sales performance and strength of competitors?

With real-time inventory data from over 20 eBay marketplaces, our customers can quickly research products and competitors using Seller ID, categories, keywords and product identifiers.

Our Analytical Reports do the data crunching so that anyone can gain important insights. There are interactive charts with the ability to filter, sort and search to zoom into different perspectives. You can also download the data for further analysis.

The founding team have over 20 years of combined experience at eBay in senior roles focused on Search, Buyer experience and Seller growth.

Know more. Sell more. ShelfTrend.