UK Asian Business Council

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UKABC is the regional, national and international voice of the Black, Asian and Minority
Ethnic (BAME) business communities.
We facilitate improved trade relations between the UK, Asia and Africa, focusing on the SME
community, giving information and advice about Asian and African business. We also
provide structured B2B networking opportunities with policy-makers and government
Understanding your market and adapting your offering is as essential as relationship-
building, which is why we offer individualised support to business small and large using local
knowledge from our partners on the ground.
Our bespoke end-to-end business support can range from establishing legal entities to
banking and taxation facilitation and anything inbetween.
UKABC is a one-stop-shop for any business going to Asia or Africa or any business coming
to the UK from Asia and Africa. We pride ourselves on providing trusted partners and
specialised market information based on experience and local knowledge.