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Exhibitor Spotlight: AG Branding Solutions

Exhibiting at the White Label World Expo in London on the 27th and 28th November are AG Branding Solutions, a professional and reliable team of aerosol manufacturers specialising in the formulation of custom aerosol products. 

You will be able to see AG Branding Solutions at the White Label World Expo at their stand 360, where they will showcase the way they manufacture and formulate their custom aerosol products.

We asked AG Branding Solutions a couple of questions about aerosols and their processes, and the following is their answers:

I use aerosols every day, but I do not know what they are. What are they actually made out of?

It is possible that some of the gases that you consider as aerosols are not really aerosols at all. An aerosol basically looks more like a cloudy liquid and gas. It is a unique mixture of gas and liquid, which comes out of the nozzle of an aerosol can in the form of a mist or tiny droplets.

Fog, steam, and even the clouds you see floating high up in the sky; are all unique forms of aerosols. It would be interesting for you to discover that the clouds which lead to rainfall are actually made up of many water droplets dispersed throughout a sheet of air.

You can say that an aerosol consists of a homogenised and uniform mixture of solid particles and liquid. Some people see it more like a fine and refined mist which a wide range of solid particles has dispersed inside the gas. The aerosols normally come inside the cans, which have been filled with this mixture under high pressure.

As we know that it is possible to pressurise gases easily, the aerosol consists of two parts. The liquid part of the aerosol contains particles which are meant to be released. Whereas, the aerosol can also contain a pressurized gas known as a propellant. As the name tells us, the propellant helps in pushing the liquid out into the air. This process leads to the formation of an aerosol cloud. 

Due to the high pressure of the nozzle, the propellant and gas can mix together well. When the molecules of the liquid comes out of the nozzle, they are able to turn into a gas due to evaporation. This is why perfumes feel cool on the skin.

How does a business like AG Branding Solutions safely store aerosols?

Aerosol products have been used and stored in homes and offices for over 60 years now. People love them because they make life so much easier. They speed up a painting job, give hair the extra shine that it needs, offer a smooth finish without brush or roller and so much more. But aerosol products can also be hazardous and are usually flammable. Therefore, aerosol products required a special type of storage. Please, follow the instructions below to make sure your aerosol products are safely stored:

- Store aerosol products in a cool and well-ventilated area.

- Never store aerosol products near any source of heat.

- Don’t put heavy items on top of aerosol cans as these items will put pressure on the aerosol cans.

- Never store your aerosol products in the basement.

- Do not store your aerosol products near window sills, heaters, ovens, barbeques and any ignition sources, also, keep them away from direct sunlight.

- Store them where children and pets can’t find them. 

If you noticed a damaged or leaky aerosol can in your storage case, you must make sure you take it out immediately, straight into a well-ventilated area where there is no source of ignition.

If you’d like to find out more about aerosols and how they can work with your business, make sure you visit the AG Branding Solutions team at their stand 360 at the White Label World Expo on the 27th and 28th of November at the ExCeL Centre London. You can register for your free tickets to the event by following this link.