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How video can amplify your B2B marketing messages

By Retail Connections

Don’t waste your best product and B2B marketing ideas – bring them to life and drive conversions with animation. 

Video has a lot of power nowadays. With our easy access to video-optimised apps and our short attention spans, it allows us to absorb great quantities of information without even realising it.

The modern consumer watches 100% more mobile video content year-on-year (Insivia) and by 2022 online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer traffic (Cisco). So why are you not yet animating your ideas for an audience desperate for more visual content?

Now is the ideal time to look to video and animations and those glorious ten second GIFs to support rather than replace the written word on your websites. After all YouTube may be the second most used website globally (Alexa). And we believe it’s the deeper level of understanding generated through messaging amplification that can get you the best results.

The conversion of decision makers

If we take a second to explore the average B2B buyer’s purchasing journey we can clearly see where video fits in to both promoting larger content and to increasing sales:

  • 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say that online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions (CMO council)

  • Your buyers are 57% through their journey before they are willing to talk to your sales team (CEB)

  • 63% of consumers need to hear a company’s claims 3-5 times before they actually believe it (Edelman Trust Barometer)

Therefore, we still need to be providing major content pieces in order to give our decision makers the information needed for them to make an informed decision. Secondly, we also need enough assets and enough touch points for them to get those 3-5 claims to trust our company’s message.

Video amplifies the core marketing messages

Video is ideal in these situations as it allows you to pull out key parts of the deeper content and make them easily accessible and digestible on various platforms. Part of why video is so important now is that the C-suite are using social channels like LinkedIn (84% Source IDC) to make their purchasing decisions. And video really stands out and sets you apart on this social channel.

Digital marketing specialists look at different ways a larger piece of content can be split down, from animated social cards (short 30 second animations, sized for social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter) to animated Infographics and full-scale video with actors. You can even use animation to amplify thought leadership content to give you the best in with your prospects.

Easy-to-digest chunks of information

The best thing about video is that in marketing, we know it works. Before the B2B market gets over saturated it’s the perfect time to invest in your own videos to leverage all the great content which might otherwise be missed.

Need a bit more convincing? There are plenty of marketing stats proving that video brings untapped ROI for marketeers. For instance, marketeers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketeers, and 52% of marketeers worldwide have found that video is the content which gives them the best ROI (Wordstream). It’s also worth noting that the average conversion rate for websites using video is 4.8% compared to 2.9% for those who don’t use video (Wordstream).

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there and wait for your content to get noticed. Animate it!

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