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Water-soluble Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Nano-emulsification with Turn-key Ultrasonic Technology b


Oral administration of cannabinoids (e.g., as edibles or oil capsules), while convenient, is the route that suffers from the lowest bioavailability and the most delayed onset of action when compared with such delivery methods as pulmonary, intranasal and sublingual. Since they are strongly hydrophobic (insoluble in water), cannabinoids cannot undergo gastrointestinal absorption until they are incorporated into mixed micelles: suspended nanometer-scale droplets that slowly form in the small intestine during hydrolysis of co-administered triglycerides. While this step is necessary to allow cannabinoids to migrate through the unstirred water layer to the intestinal absorptive cells, it drastically delays the absorption process and reduces its efficiency. 


Formulating cannabinoids as translucent nanoemulsions (a.k.a. water-compatible or “water-soluble” CBD and THC) resolves this problem. Since these formulations comprise suspended oil droplets that closely mimic naturally-formed mixed micelles, they allow the incorporated cannabinoids to readily migrate through the unstirred water layer, thereby significantly accelerating their onset of action and increasing their bioavailability. Additionally, since translucent nanoemulsions can be mixed into and administered as beverages (without introducing any cloudiness), their use for oral administration of cannabinoids is very convenient and discreet. 

Industrial Sonomechanics (ISM), based in Miami, FL, offers a turnkey solution for the production of high-quality water-compatible cannabis extract nanoemulsions on laboratory, bench and industrial scales. It is based on patented Barbell Horn® Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT), which guarantees reproducible and predictable results at any scale of operation. Clients who do not have the capability or desire to develop their own formulations and processing procedures can also take advantage of ISM’s all-in-one NanoStabilizer®. When used in conjunction with an ISM ultrasonic processor, this blend of food-grade (GRAS) carrier oils, emulsifiers, and preservatives (all derived from natural sources) makes it possible to easily and quickly produce highly translucent, permanently stable and fully water-compatible nanoemulsions with median droplet sizes in the range of 20 – 40 nanometers. 


ISM will be exhibiting its technology at the White Label USA Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Please stop by Booth #116 to learn more. 

Additionally, ISM President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky, will be giving a keynote presentation, entitled "Water-Soluble" CBD and THC: Ultrasonic Production of Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsions”.  The presentation will start with a review of common routes of cannabinoid delivery to the bloodstream and a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of each. Several types of water-compatible cannabis extract formulations will then be introduced, with nanoemulsions emerging as the preferred type. Main constituents and properties of nanoemulsions will be discussed, and an overview of the methods used for their lab-scale optimization and commercial production will be provided. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of ISM's preclinical pharmacokinetic study results, explaining the reasons for the enhanced bioavailability and shortened onset of action afforded by cannabis extract nanoemulsions in the context of their fasted versus fed state small intestine-to-bloodstream absorption pathways.


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