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Cashmere Nicole: From Food Stamps to $40 Million

The Story of Cashmere Nicole's Success

From GoodMorning America to Forbes, Cashmere Nicole has been recognized for her ability to overcome some of life's hardest situations. The most motivational part of being an entrepreneur is setting out on your own path to success no matter what you’re going through, which is exactly what 35-year-old Cashmere Nicole did. From the age of 9 onwards, Nicole has always known she was an entrepreneur. She read books on owning her own business and paid close attention to the tips and tricks offered by other successful entrepreneurs. Nicole was writing out business plans as a pre-teen.

At the age of 16, Nicole had her first child, Jasmyn. Jasmyn played a huge role in Nicole’s inspiration to succeed and really push for success. Nicole went to school for arts and business, trying to find where she fits in, but then she realized she didn’t. She is a leader. Nicole realized she couldn’t follow in the footsteps of other success stories and she needed to create her own. Nicole held down multiple jobs as a single mother and relied on food stamps before she launched a now globally successful cosmetics brand, Beauty Bakerie. Beauty Bakerie incorporates packaging that resembles your typical baking materials such as face powder in a mini bag labeled flour. Nicole’s fresh take on cosmetic branding has taken the internet by storm, causing her launches to go viral.

The struggles for Nicole didn’t cease after beginning her brand, three years in she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, Nicole is a fighter, she couldn’t let anything distract her from her dreams. She persevered through a double mastectomy her company is now valued at over $40 million. Working with celebs like Beyonce and Cardi B, Nicole is the epitome of self-made! Her near-death experience gave her a deep appreciation for life’s moments and making the most out of the time we have. Both resilient and strong, Cashmere Nicole is a great role model as proof you can get through anything no matter what road-blocks life may throw your way.


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