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The Ultimate Trade Show for White and Private Label - February 2020

The Las Vegas Convention Center is set to be the epicenter for the White Label World Expo in February on the 26th and 27th of the new decade. This event will be monumental thanks to the thousands of vendors from around the world that will be presenting their wares and services under one roof. This will give business owners the opportunity to maximize profits and take their business to the next level. This event is free of charge, and for that matter alone the investment in attending this event (which includes gaining product knowledge from suppliers and consultations from vendors) is sure to give an immediate payoff.

The PrysmGroup USA’s White Label Marketing event will host an array of keynote speakers from industry trailblazers, including Jungle Scout, Social Chain, Empire Flippers, and other expanding companies with a proven track record of success. The information shared by these professionals will detail essential and developing trends in the industry, including pricing and negotiating techniques to help businesses achieve maximum brand recognition. They will also be hosting seminars that will place The White Label World Expo on any entrepreneur’s must-attend list to help companies fly past previous fiscal year’s numbers effortlessly in rethinking their reselling methods.

The CBD & Hemp industry will be a big feature of The White Label World Expo in Las Vegas as this booming industry has been forecasted by economists to be a billion-dollar industry for 2020. Major sports leagues like the National Football League and Ultimate Fighting Championship are exploring the industry for potential pain-relieving medicinal qualities, and this presents an opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses to develop key tactics and professional relationships to expand into this new and lucrative market.

The White Label World Expo is a world-class event hosted in the UK, Germany, Asia and in the US. With thousands of global leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry traveling from far & wide, there has never been a better opportunity to discover the reselling industry’s next profitable gold-mine. Dominate the market by arming yourself with knowledge from leaders in the private label sector and make sure you share in the industry’s introduction to explosively profitable products, software, and service.

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