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Exhibitor Spotlight: APR Packaging!

Who is APR Packaging?

Founded in 2001, APR Beauty Group is a privately owned global supplier that specializes in packaging, formulations, skincare, accessories, color cosmetics, and personal care products. APR Packaging is a locally owned North America-based company with our own manufacturing facility in China. This allows us to provide our customers with the best price as well as provide top-tier customer service. As a full turnkey supplier, APR manages the development phase from concept to industrialization in collaboration with our global partners worldwide. 

Our ISO-certified production facility is located in Zhejiang, China. For over 15 years, more than 80% of our production is exported to the US and European markets. We are a complete packaging company, we can customize your package by hot stamping, silk screen printing, lacquering, metalizing, glazing, anodizing, frosting, vacuum anodizing, soft-touch, embossing and debossing. We can customize and enhance packaging using various decoration techniques in order to cater to our clients' needs. 

With APR’s rapid growth we have added a manufacturing facility in Canada. This recent expansion has given APR a competitive edge and provides all-encompassing expertise under one roof. We offer vertically integrated solutions as well as turnkey options to deliver quality products to our customers. At APR Packaging, we can make a private mold to suit virtually any customer’s needs. 

Whether your company is in need of airless bottles, glass products, acrylic containers, or other products, we can produce the items you need in the colors and styles that you choose using our high-quality manufacturing process. We can then further customize your items using a variety of methods including the customization of color, finish, and printing that will make your products unique to your brand.

Be sure to check what the services APR Packaging can offer you by visiting their website here.

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