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Personalizing Cannabinoid Consumption Using DNA

GrowthCell Global is hosting this riveting Masterclass session discussing DNA testing, and personalized cannabis consumption on Wednesday, February 26th at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and Thursday, February 27th at 1 pm.


This event will be located at Masterclass Booth #2. Our presenter is none other than Nicco R. Ph.D.; an esteemed cognitive neuroscience researcher who will discuss the value of personalized cannabis consumption, genetic variations in the endocannabinoid system/cannabinoid metabolism and the identification of optimal delivery methods, cannabinoid affinities, and terpene profiles. At the end of his session Nicco will answer any of your questions regarding the intersection between DNA and cannabis use.


Cannabis is available in an incredible array of varieties; sativa, indicas, high CBD strains and more. Finding your way through the weeds, that is, selecting the best style of cannabis for you, is a significant journey that every medical and recreational marijuana/hemp user needs to pursue. Your DNA will reveal everything you need to know about cannabinoid consumption. With precision DNA analysis, qualified experts can swiftly determine an individual’s ideal hemp compound profiles and cannabis strains, while illuminating potential genetic risk factors associated with cannabis use.


With the right cannabis product in hand, you can easily access the perfect state-of-mind and physiological activity needed to maximize both performance and rest. Your ideal cannabis strains, loaded your body’s favorite terpenoids, can serve as the keys that will instantly unlock optimal wellness in both the body and mind, not to mention the heavenly buzz that these varieties will manifest, as they operate harmoniously with your biological makeup. 


The benefits of informed cannabis use are undeniable, so we urge all of our cannabis-loving friends and family to pursue DNA cannabis testing. In this presentation, Nicco will discuss the many critical genetic factors involved in cannabis consumption, including tips that can help you avoid years of frustration and ineffective cannabinoid results. 


With as many as 450 relevant genetic biomarkers associated with cannabis use, there is a lot of ground to cover when discussing this subject. However, Nicco’s extensive research and entrepreneurial success in the cannabis industry make him the ideal candidate to distill this subject down to its essence and deliver only the most fascinating details.


With a modern understanding of neuroscience and genetics, cannabis enthusiasts are now able to efficiently determine the ideal strains for every occasion. The finalized data will allow end-users to consciously modify their physical and psychological states with proper cannabis use. Ultimately, this means that cannabis connoisseurs will be armed with effective natural medicines that can enhance their quality of life

To learn more about our DNA testing services, please reference our free video resource which will display just how easy it is to get started on the path to personalized cannabis use. For further details, feel free to visit our website and, most importantly, stop in at GrowthCell Global’s company booth, #522. We are thrilled to be attending this 2020 WhiteLabel Expo, and we look forward to sharing our innovation to better the ever-evolving health and wellness industries.