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The Ultimate Trade Show for White and Private Label

The Ultimate Trade Show for White and Private Label - February 2020

The Las Vegas Convention Center is set to be the epicenter for the White Label World Expo in February on the 26th and 27th of the new decade. This event will be monumental thanks to the thousands of suppliers and entrepreneurs from all around the world that will be doing business and discussing the very latest products and services in the industry.

Numerous speakers, workshops, and summits will be present to give professionals of all kinds, from startups to well-established businesses, access to newly developed methods, trends, and tools to take their business into the new decade. This event is free of charge, and for that matter alone the investment in attending this event (which includes gaining product knowledge from suppliers and consultations from vendors) is sure to provide an immediate payoff.

PrysmGroup’s White Label World Expo in Las Vegas has acquired recent additions in features, which includes a sponsorship from, the B2B business unit of Alibaba

Group (NYSE: BABA) and one of the world’s largest B2B ecommerce platforms. will be hosting a Build Up workshop which is designed to give professionals one-to-one meetings with executives to learn how to professionally sell and build a business globally with the B2B ecommerce platform. This is part of a U.S.-wide tour of Build Up events and commitment from to meet businesses face-to-face, listening and learning from them to become the essential ally to US small and medium-sized businesses. The Small Business Administration will also be present to provide assistance for small businesses to understand the regulatory, legal and tax-related aspects of starting and managing a small business.

The KeyNote Speaker agenda is lined-up with multiple industry leaders, including Jonah Mandel - Director, Customer Growth -, Jared Goetz - Serial Entrepreneur - The Silk Road, and Emily Wilcox - Founding Partner & CEO - Elevate. The Amazon Pro Sellers Summit will have a focus on bringing together new entrepreneurs and work-from-home businesses to discover developing trends and strategies to become experts in selling with the Amazon platform. This summit will host such global leaders as Thomas Syvertsen - CEO - Login2Profts, Greg Mercer - Founder and CEO - JungleScout, and $1 Billion Amazon Seller & Marketplace Growth Expert - Ryan Mulvaney.

The White Label World Expo is a world-class event hosted in the UK, Germany, Asia and in the US. With thousands of global leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry traveling from far & wide, there has never been a better opportunity to discover the reselling industry’s next profitable gold-mine. Dominate the market by arming yourself with knowledge from leaders in the private label sector and make sure you share in the industry’s introduction to explosively profitable products, software, and service.


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