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Clinical Study: Safety of Liposomal CBD on The Human Body

Dr. Emek Blair, founder of Colorado-based using Cellg8® technology has just published the first clinical safety study of liposomal CBD on human subjects. You can check out this groundbreaking study in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Emergency Medicine (AJEM). 

Cellg8® delivery technology is breaking the ground on the next generation of liposomal CBD with several firsts: 


This is the first human study to assess safety of liposomal CBD. An online search for scholarly articles on the subject will confirm this. 

Thirty-four markers were measured from the comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) and the complete blood count (CBC) of 10 participants. Of the 340 blood tests administered on these individuals, 339 remained the same or improved by day 30 of taking Cellg8® Puffin Hemp. 


The first research of liposomal CBD formula to show improvement of fasting blood glucose levels. 

When a product has these numbers, no marketing buzzwords are needed. All five of the participants who had high glucose levels on day 1, showed normal levels on day 30. Even for this smaller study … that’s an impressive 100 percent efficacy. But that’s not all.

One individual had out-of-range alanine transaminase and bilirubin levels, which are associated with liver toxicity and thought to possibly contribute to metabolic syndrome. After 30 days of taking Puffin Hemp’s Cellg8® product the participant’s levels were normalized. Some recent research suggests that high doses of CBD causes liver damage. The measures from Blair’s safety study suggest the opposite and most definitely warrant further study in a larger sample size. 


The first clinical human study to assess absorption of a liposomal CBD product (publication forthcoming). The numbers are in, and Puffin Hemp can now prove with clinical evidence that Dr. Blair’s Cellg8® liposomes have an 85 percent bioavailability in humans. While most CBD forms hover around a 5-20 percent bioavailability, and smoking and vaping can get you around 30 percent, Puffin Hemp’s Cellg8® liposomal technology blows those numbers out of the water. 

The research on this trailblazing absorption study is complete, and it is set to be published this month.


This is the highest proven bioavailability of a liposomal CBD. Other liposomal products out there do make claims of similar bioavailability or higher. Hold them to Dr. Blair’s standards for Puffin Hemp and his Cellg8® liposomal delivery system: demand the evidence that backs up their claims. The hot air of inflated medical claims in the CBD market will eventually collapse, leaving the products with clinical substance to serve the need.