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Partner Announcement: Nevada Women’s Business Center

We are proud to announce the partnership between Nevada Women’s Business Center and the White Label World Expo - we gladly aim for this partnership to highlight the importance of economic self-sufficiency with entrepreneurial training, technical assistance and access to loans for new and expanding business throughout Nevada.

We at the White Label Expo recognize that business development and access to capital, entrepreneurial training, and marketing advice is crucial for success in businesses both new and old, and Nevada Women’s Business Center provides such support to help professionals reach their business goals. We hope that The White Label Expo can serve as a place where professionals create long-lasting relationships and discover the necessary education in developing their brand and their business for success now and in the future.

“They serve a great opportunity for women to get a jumpstart in their business pursuits,” notes Marketing Manager Trevor Mlot. “To have Nevada Women’s Business Center means that we are giving greater access to the tools people need to make their business dreams a reality.”

We look forward to supporting Nevada Women’s Business Center with its ongoing objective to provide FREE business education, training, and support to help professionals succeed in business, and we welcome its members and associates to our event.

If you would like to find out more about Nevada Women’s Business Center, please check out their website here. If you would like to Register For a Free Ticket to The White Label Expo, you can do so here.