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Top tips for selling on Amazon in 2020

As we all know, Amazon is a widely used platform for white label sellers as it provides both new and established businesses a relatively easy route to the market. This, coupled with the fact that the white label industry on Amazon is now valued in the billions, means that there is plenty of business to be done on the online marketplace.

But before any prospective sellers start selling on Amazon, it is important for them to understand a number of top tips, helping them to sell on the marketplace. This blog will a selection of tips that will make starting a white label business on Amazon as successful as possible.

Identifying ‘high demand’ items is vitally important

Wanting to sell products on Amazon and successfully selling products on Amazon are two very different things. 

The specific product you might want to sell on Amazon may seem like a good idea, but if you cannot find a market to sell them to, you will not succeed. The trick is to identify the products that have a low sales rank, yet contain high-ranked keywords; showing you how well a product niche is selling on the marketplace.

Web browser extensions such as Jungle Scout are the best ways to research this, as they help finding products on Amazon that have a low sales rank and highly ranked keywords easy - making your life selling on the online marketplace as successful as possible. 

Use your commonsense!

One life skill that is often overlooked in situations like this is the use of commonsense! For example, we know some items are easier to sell than others, and some are significantly harder to sell. 

Likewise, choosing to sell products that are easily identifiable with two or three famous brands will end up being counterintuitive. Your potential customers will have a strong sense of brand loyalty with well known businesses, so choosing to take on established brands will be a very risky decision to make.

When deciding what to product to sell, try and make it fit the following criteria:

A. Find products that aren't immediately identifiable with easily recognisable brands.

B.  Lightweight - will cost less to send.

C. Durable - will reduce the chance of having to send out replacements.

D. Easy to package - will save you time.

Cash is king

As with every business, cash is king! Just because you’re selling online you shouldn’t overlook the importance of holding enough cash within your business. When you start selling online it is important to have enough money to purchase your inventory, for storage, for converting into your own label, selling them onto your potential customers, and for general running costs. 

By ensuring you over prepare the amount of money you need to start your new e-commerce business, you will safeguard yourself for any unexpected issues you may find yourself in down the line.

Be patient 

You won’t get rich quick.

The most successful ecommerce white label businesses establish themselves as a brand, not just sellers of a bunch of random products. Taking your time and establishing your business as a brand will benefit you in the long term. 

Perseverance is key in selling on Amazon.

White Label World Expo

Once you have established your business, brand awareness is key

One of the best ways to get your white label products in front of a vast amount of potential buyers is showcasing them at trade exhibitions - in particular, the White Label World Expo.

For exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, contact Nick Woore on (+44) 01179296099 or nick.woore@prysmgroup.co.uk 

If exhibiting isn’t your thing, every White Label World Expo hosts a specially designed education programme of over 100 seminars delivered by some of the best ecommerce and white label sellers; the perfect place to gain knowledge to apply to your new Amazon selling business.

All you need to do to book your place at the Whit Label World Expo is to visit the website and register for your complimentary ticket!