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How Do You Outfit a Growing Company and Over 2,700 Employees?

This article was contributed by our exhibitor Apparel Redefined. Learn more about their business here!

It's a question Natalie Zajc was asking herself when Crash Champions, a collision and auto body shop chain, was planning a significant expansion through acquisitions. Their aggressive goal was to go from 20 to 180 stores in a year and then to 250 by the end of the next year. It was essential to have the consistency of brand throughout each of their new shops. Each employee would need new uniforms during the transition, along with any potential new hires. 

With each shop having about 15 employees and each employee getting a uniform kit with eight pieces, that meant making sure 30,000 garments needed to get to the right person in one of the 250 body shops all over the US. That's a logistical challenge.

That's where Apparel Redefined comes in. We needed two scenarios to find solutions for; one was to quickly outfit acquisitions of several new body shops at a time. Two, get new hire uniform kits out quickly to any shop across the US as needed.

The first one was simple. With our proprietary software solution, Nomos, we could get new orders in, decorated, and shipped out in a week. Much faster than the industry average of two to three weeks.

The second was a bit trickier. We needed a way for managers of each store to get what they needed for new hires quickly. To do that, we keep an inventory of the items in each new employee kit. We also set up an online shop with vouchers so that when a new kit was needed, an order was placed, and our inventory team would pull the necessary garments and ship them out.

Using technology and the right people, we took a big piece off Natalie's plate, which meant she could focus her efforts on more critical tasks to get Crash Champions to their higher goals.

Sell More, Stress Less

As a salesman, the last thing Jim Hermann wanted to deal with was frustrated clients calling and asking where their order is. As a company that's been around since the '70s, Don's World of Sports' list of customers is a long one. That meant giving Jim and his partner the right tools and the support they needed to make sure they could get what they need when they need it for every single one of their customers was important. We wanted to help them sell more and stress less.

As the name implies, Don's World of Sports is an old-school sports equipment and apparel shop operating on strong relationships and excellent customer service. It's what they're known for. With a growing Rolodex, a one-year-old, and another on the way, Jim needed a way to shorten his order timeline, reduce the number of emails and interactions between his apparel decorator, and get live updates on orders so he can keep his customers worries at bay. That's where Nomos comes in.

Masterfully designed and meticulously planned Nomos was created to help people like Jim sell more and stress less. With an integrated cloud-based design database, Jim didn't have to search through emails or files to find the design he needed for the next order. With live pricing, he knew exactly what his cost and margins would be. He gets live updates on where his order is in the production pipeline, which makes answering clients' questions a breeze. There's no need to make another call and waste more time trying to figure where his order is.

With less to worry about, Jim can use his time to chase more leads, raise his daughters, and grow his business like he's always wanted.


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