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Sustainable Packaging is Key in 2021

In the last decade, sustainability has been a consistently growing trend across nearly every industry. Consumers around the world are steadily becoming more and more environmentally conscious and it is reflected in their buying habits. Businesses looking to attract these green consumers have been working to make sustainability a priority in their business model, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a halt to many of these efforts. 

The global pandemic saw many companies, grocery stores especially, bring back single-use plastics for hygienic reasons. However, as the coronavirus chaos begins to subside and things slowly return to normal, consumers are expected to oppose the return of single-use plastics and encourage a return to sustainable efforts. In fact, CrowdSpring lists sustainable packaging as one of their Biggest Packaging Design Trends for 2021. 

Industrial Packaging further emphasized this point, saying, “As we move into 2021, earth-friendly packaging alternatives are going to continue to be a hot button issue as environmentally-minded consumers continue to push back against the re-implementation of single-use plastics.”

Furthermore, Ranpak’s eCommerce and Packaging Trends Survey introduced some important statistics that demonstrate the ever-present push for sustainability among consumers. According to this survey, 72% of Americans would be more likely to purchase again from brands that shipped sustainably and 78% of Americans wish more brands used paper packaging over plastic. 

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