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Product Review: Remedio Wellness

Remedio Wellness is the new generation of plant-based wellness. With their wide selection of all-natural products, they truly harness the power of nature to provide some relaxation in our everyday lives.

The Cannabinoid Drops are advertised as carefully formulated to promote the balance of the mind and body, and in my experience, the drops did just that. These drops are made with broad-spectrum hemp and work to relieve stress, reduce pain and inflammation, and support an overall sense of well-being. With 500mg of hemp, this product is meant to be applied underneath the tongue for easy absorption within a minute. This flavorless oil starts taking effect within 20 minutes of application, and almost immediately, the feeling of relaxation begins to surface. This serum is especially effective for those of us who live fast-paced lives and are looking for a simple way to unwind from time to time.

The Soothe Renewal Balm is made with organic, all-natural ingredients and broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids. Just apply this balm liberally to any areas you need relief in. Upon application, this blam was instantly soothing with an aromatic scent and a cooling effect on the skin. Within 30 minutes, the balm begins to alleviate inflammation and tension.

The Rest Drops are designed to promote restful sleep. Containing a higher concentration of CBN, these drops have a calming effect, similar to a natural sedative. These drops are also instructed to be applied to underneath the tongue and absorbed into the mouth for about one minute. These drops help those of us who have a hard time getting a full night’s worth of restful sleep. If you have a hard time going to sleep and/or staying asleep, these drops are for you.

Remedio Wellness products are a lifestyle. When you commit to a more mindful and peaceful life, Remedio Wellness products are here for you. Sometimes we need to unwind, unplug, and just relax. These wellness products paired with a few extra lifestyle changes will ultimately promote a life of balance in the mind, body, and soul.

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