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Meet the Speaker: Parth Detroja - Facebook

Parth Detroja is a prominent public figure, speaker and author within numerous technological industries. His book Swipe to Unlock has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into over a dozen languages since its release. His expertise has clearly defined Detroja as a three time best selling author who’s been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and Wall Street Journal.

Detroja currently works as an esteemed Product Manager for Facebook, with a focus on projects that have altered Facebook and Instagram- one product effort resulting in the reason both platforms include music in the story feature. In addition to revolutionizing aspects of social media platforms, his work contributed to making Amazon Prime the largest subscription in the world.

Prior to working at Facebook, Detroja’s career includes working at Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. He graduated with a Summa Cum Laude at Cornell University and shares his knowledge at conferences, online instruction courses and interviews. During an interview for The Times of India, Detroja spoke extensively about product management. Although PM’s receive criticism for the lack of quantifiable metrics, the role of a PM is just as rigorous to engineers. He stated, “It is the job of the Product Manager to define what to build and make sure it gets built properly. If a team hits their quantitative metrics goal based on the roadmap and strategy the PM created, that PM is just as reasonable – if not more – for the team’s success as the engineers”.

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