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Eco-Friendly Packaging in the Beauty Industry

Studies have shown how the world has been impacted by global warming, causing companies to shift towards more environmentally friendly options in all sectors of their business. The beauty industry is an ever-changing one, consisting of skincare, cosmetics, supplement brands and more which frequently shift with the times and the world around us.

Each year the beauty industry produces 77 billion units of plastic, 70 percent of which goes to landfills. Consumers have leaned towards the sustainable route in recent years and brands, whether established or new, are adapting to this sort of demand daily. The world’s largest market research store, Research and Markets, released a report from July 2020 which emphasized how trends in packaging is a very large factor that helps determine if the consumer is interested in buying the actual product or not.

Popular companies such as L’Oreal partnered with LanzaTech, a carbon recycling company, which allowed the development of the first-ever packaging made from recycled carbon emissions. Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech’s CEO spoke on the importance of recycled materials in relation to mass produced items and how the partnership is “based on a shared goal of creating a cleaner planet for everyone.” Similarly, small businesses are taking action on this matter and promise sustainable packaging that are sourced from environmentally conscious wholesalers or solutions.

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