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Product Review: Steel Wool - A Beard Brand

Handcrafted Beard Balm, Handcrafted Beard Oil

Steel Wool is a Black Veteran Owned Company that produces revolutionary, cutting-edge beard products for the modern day man. These veteran-made, cruelty free, and all-natural products help keep your beard as fresh as it can be.

The Handcrafted Beard Balm from Steel Wool provided instant smoothness to the beard and keeps a nice hold while creating your shape. The ingredients in this balm include olive oil, vitamin e, shea butter, essential oils and fragrance. These key ingredients were able to keep the beard moisturized, soft and smelling delightful.

The Handcrafted Beard Oil serves to soften and shine the beard and create an overall sleeker look. The four all-natural ingredients in this oil include hazelnut oil, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and grape seed oil fragrance.

Every product from Steel Wool is designed to make your beard care easier. The simplicity of the naturally derived ingredients make it far less likely to cause any skin irritations or breakouts, as opposed to your mainstream beard products. Not to mention, the oils and fragrances added into these products give you and your beard a sweet aromatic scent and cut out another step in your morning routine, saving you the time of applying a separate cologne.

I think some things everyone can agree on is that we love to save time in the morning, we love to look nice, and we love to smell nice. With the growing popularity of all natural products and a short list of ingredients, Steel Wool is a great option for the world’s modern men.

Check out the full video review here!