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Product Review: Ethos Body

Ethos Body is a cruelty-free, vegan friendly, gluten-free, all-organic, and therapeutic grade essential oil-based product line. Ethos Body is the leader of natural alternatives to many of our everyday products such as men’s and women’s fragrances, room and linen sprays, body scrubs and creams, antiseptic sprays and more.

The Love Struck Hot Bath Salts have the aromatic effect of sweet fruit and roses. This bath addition contains actual pieces of dried tangerine and rose petals! The main ingredient in these bath salts is dead sea salt which contains minerals known to detox the body. With only seven all-natural ingredients, this product left the skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

The Coco Rose Coconut Milk Bath can be added into your regular bath or even a foot bath for your pedicure. This product contains coconut milk powder and extra virgin olive oil to keep the skin supple. Overall, the milk bath left the skin’s complexion looking bright and toned.

The Organic Therapeutic Body Scrub, as opposed to most body scrubs, contains several healing oils to ensure that the skin is moisturized during the exfoliation process. Most scrubs leave the skin feeling even more dry and stripped than it was originally. However, this scrub contains sweet almond oil, vitamin e oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil and more. The pink himalayan salt, home dried rosemary and lavender/rose petals contained in this product effectively exfoliate the skin exposing the soft, clear skin underneath.

The Room and Linen Spray has the rich scent of sweet orange, bergamot, and cedarwood. This spray is generous in size, which allows it to last a long time. One spray per room or drawer is enough to leave your clothes/room smelling amazing for days.

The Lavender and Sage Head to Toe Cream has a thick and creamy texture. Only a dime-sized amount is needed to cover a large area of skin. The main ingredient is this product is kokum butter, which is the perfect option for people with sensitive and/or oily skin as it is easily absorbed into the skin. The lavender and sage essential oils added into the cream give it a calming and subtle scent ideal for a moisturizer.

All in all, Ethos Body provides its customers high-quality home and body care products that are perfect for the entire family. With Ethos Body, you can be sure that all products were created with the intention to bring humans in touch with mother nature’s offerings, driven by a yearning to heal the world from the outside-in as well as having products utilized in the most therapeutic, holistic, and natural way possible.

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