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Here’s Why the Bath Salts are All Set to Dominate the Skincare Industry in 2021

This article was written and contributed by Kayshaun Brooks with Renew You Body Butters. Learn more about their business here!

What do you most look forward to after a tiring day at work? A deep soak in the warm bath loaded with soothing bath salts! Have you ever wondered how it started?

The History of Therapeutic Bath Salts
As long ago as 2700 BCE, the Chinese listed almost 40 types of salts, their extraction process, and therapeutic uses. During the time of Hippocrates, patients were immersed in seawater for healing purposes. Later on, the communal bath houses were set up partly due to the popularity of the bath salts. The visitors looked forward to a physically rejuvenating experience while mingling with their acquaintances.

Charles Russel, an English physician, is credit with mainstreaming the use of therapeutic bath salts through his book titled The Uses of Sea Water published in 1753. Following the publication, France and Great Britain set up new hospitals in the coastal areas for thalassotherapy i.e. sea care (Toronto, 1917).

So What Actually are Bath Salts?
You say the word bath salts and all one thinks of is a fancy spa-like experience. Apart from being an aesthetic addition to your washroom cabinet, bath salts can be quite restorative and rejuvenating as well. Epsom is the most commonly used bath salt. Dead Sea salts and Himalayan salts are the other favorites. To provide a holistic pampering experience, different additives are included as well.

Are Bath Salts a Fancy Gimmick?
Given the fact that the use of baths salts has stood the test of time, the therapeutic effects of bath salts cannot be denied. Bath salts are designed to replicate the restorative and soothing experiences of hot springs and mineral baths. Thus, apart from the salts, the product also includes baking soda, essential oils, and glycerin. The aim is to provide an all-encompassing experience to all your senses, making it a completely reinvigorating experience. Here are some of the proven benefits of using bath salts:

Say Bonjour to Good Skin Days
The foremost effect of the bath salts is softening of skin. They help in skin exfoliation revealing baby soft skin underneath. The smaller crystals of bath salts rapidly dissolve to scrub efficiently. The continued use of bath salts leads to lessening of pores and reduction of acne pigmentation (Sarker, 407-416).

Managing Health Issues
Specially formulated bath salts are also used to provide relief to the ones suffering from eczema (MD, 2005). Lavender bath salts are anti-fungal and those suffering from Athletes Foot are recommended to soak their feet in it. Dead Sea salt is a humectant and soothes itchy, dry skin. So it is beneficial for the patients of psoriasis (Halevy, December 1997). These bath salts can be used as secondary medicine, in consultation with your physician.

It’s a Good Life
Epsom salts are beneficial in treating arthritis related issues like swelling and pains (Byerley, 2010). These salts are also used to manage sleep. Himalayan salts are recommended for treating bloating. These pink crystals are also used to treat respiratory issues through salt therapy (Shah, 2019).

Soak Away your Soreness
To indulge in a rejuvenating bath, opt for bigger bath salt crystals. These salts sink deep into the skin to relieve muscular cramps, body pains, and joint stiffness. So, after a long day, all you need to ease your muscle soreness is a good, long soak!

On a Lighter Note
The fast-paced modern lifestyle has added stress and anxiety to our daily routine. Isolation tanks remain a popular choice for de-stressing. An easy replacement can be adding more bath salts to your tub, thus increasing the density to water and making your body feel lighter. The floating sensation acts as stress reliever, and also releases muscular tension (Morgan, 2013).

A Holistic Experience
Keeping in view the varying needs of the users, Renew Your Body Butter has developed the perfect blend of Therapeutic Bath Salts, infused with the richness of all the worlds. A calming blend of Epsom, Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt mixed with baking soda, coconut oil, colloidal oatmeal, and your own blend of essential oils delivers all the benefits of skin relief and healing.

The Biggest Skincare Trend of 2021
The entailing benefits and aesthetic appeal of the bath salts have made them one of the most popular skincare products of 2021. Skincare companies around the globe have reported an increase in the sales of the bath salts and there is an endless gamut of bath salt blends lining the shelves. Take your pick of the preferred essential oil, and get ready to step into a heady, pampering experience.


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