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Focus on Growth

This article was written by owner of Melanated Curls, Naturally Dupreea. Learn more about her business here!

Many times when you think of growth, you instantly think of height, weight, hair, and nails but it takes actual thought to consciously think of the growth we can experience in the other four ways. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Sometimes it takes us to go through challenges for us to take a step back and think about how our lives have evolved or not. However many people think that their struggles and challenges are just the way their life is supposed to be instead of looking at them as warning signs and or wake-up calls.

We must experience challenges in order to grow but if you don't recognize the challenge you can't experience growth or grow from the challenge. Most times we just accept the downs and hope for ups without actually asking why am i experiencing this struggle or challenge versus thinking we have bad luck. Literally everything we experience can help us grow if we realize the challenges head-on. Growth takes a conscious mind to really notice growth. Growth isn't just about now but also later. Everyone's biggest goal should always be to be better than they were yesterday. If you aren't consciously evaluating your life and choices you can't consciously see growth in your life. Growth takes a person to do a ton of self-reflecting. We are a part of nature but we are the only thing in nature with so much power and free will but we are also the only thing that struggles in nature. Trees, animals, and water flow through life effortlessly living in purpose on purpose. Human nature however is off of purpose and unconsciously self-sabotaging their growth.

When you are unconscious of who you are or what your purpose is, you start to feel depressed, anxious, and lonely. The food you feed your physical body and the food you feed your subconscious mind will continue to give you what you put in... hurt, anger, fear or love, peace, and growth. The depression, fear, anger, and anxiety will most time make us run to temporary fixes like alcohol, random sex, drugs, and hardcore partying. However, it can also trick us into suicide. Once you are consciously tired of the struggle, pain, and hurt you will soon find yourself asking for answers and understanding. This is when you can start a journey of rebirth, regeneration, and a new way. It's like reprogramming your subconscious mind for GROWTH. New foods, new books, new friends, new lifestyle, new journey. When you come into your purpose everything starts to happen for you and not to you effortlessly. You will quickly learn a new way of life. Things will start to look and feel different. You wake up excited, at peace and motivated to do more. We all have a purpose but finding that purpose is the biggest challenge we must overcome to truly see Growth.