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Exhibitor Spotlight: Fulfillment Hub USA

Fulfillment Hub USA is one of the largest fulfillment centers in South Florida, with multiple locations across the globe (Miami, New York, California, Germany, Hungary, India). Offering a variety of services from order fulfillment for e-commerce as well as wholesale, pallet storage, cross-docking, FBA-prep and freight. Catering to the needs of both large public companies as well as small businesses from the USA and overseas.


Their software automatically picks up the order and tracks it while they pick, pack, and send. The flexibility of Fulfillment Hub USA’s software also allows businesses to customize orders. The service is scalable as your business expands. Get in touch with AppManufact, their subsidiary company that specializes in website and app development.


Shipping costs are an ongoing concern for many businesses. Their customer base grows year after year because of the shipping discounts they offer. Join Fulfillment Hub USA to get the best shipping carrier deals and discounts in North America! 

Make sure to check out our exhibitor Fulfillment Hub USA at our White Label Expo on September 1st & 2nd at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Get your FREE TICKET before they are gone!