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Exhibitor Spotlight: Goodberry CBD

Goodberry CBD’s mission is to make the highest quality CBD Isolate based products, using only the best ingredients. They strive to always be transparent about products processes, ingredients, and CBD sourcing and quality. Every step is taken to reduce impact on the environment. From packaging to the ingredients used in the products, they use biodegradable and recyclable material!


All CBD batches used by Goodberry are tested by Botanacor. For the CBD Isolate result showing 101.8% Total Cannabinoids - this test result shows that raw CBD Isolate that Goodberry purchases and uses in it’s products, contains 101.8% CBD Isolate. For more information about how a test result can show more than 100% purity please consult the Botanacor Website here.


Goodberry is dedicated to Transparency, when you buy a Goodberry product you know exactly what is in each product. Goodberry provides third party testing for all raw CBD isolate as well as all product batches. If a bottle of Goodberry says there is 1000mg of CBD, test results are available for that specific batch showing the exact amount of CBD in each bottle.

Make sure to visit our exhibitor Goodberry CBD at our White Label Expo on September 1st & 2nd, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center! Don't forget to get your FREE TICKET today!