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Effect of Estimated Delivery Date on Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer expectations, having a wide selection of shipping options to choose from and knowing when their parcels will likely reach them are just the tip of the iceberg. An estimated delivery date (EDD) has thus become something that customers expect to see during checkout. Such information is even more critical in today's marketplace where competition is more intense than ever, meaning that customers can easily switch to rival firms that can better fulfill their needs and demands.

In light of this, our media partner, Parcel Monitor, examined the impact of EDD on customer satisfaction in one of their recent articles. Here is what they found:

If consumers had access to EDD of online orders, more than half (59%) would make sure they (or a family member) are home to receive the package.
The majority (66%) of customers found “Delivery Update Notifications” to be an important factor after completing an online purchase.
The greater the EDD accuracy, the better the customer ratings get.

Check out the full article here!